MUV-Trailer Mover with 50mm ball hitch

HD Trailer Mover pulling boat trailer up slipway

Trailer moving equipment

In some instances traditional means to move a trailer by road vehicle or tractor aren’t feasible. This is often due to limited space and a small turning circle or due to restrictions around indoor use and exhaust fumes.

Typical trailer applications and industries where there are limitations are; moving boat trailers, tipper trailers, caravan trailers and moving motorsport trailers. Alternative solutions include; moving trailers by hand/ basic trailer mover dolly, which causes unnecessary and harmful strain on the user or moving trailers using equipment that isn’t fit for purpose, such as by forklift truck.

Nu-Star offer two motorised Trailer Mover (electric trailer puller) models to help you overcome these issues, the electric trailer dollies include; the MUV Trailer Mover, handling loads from 500kg to 2,500kg and the larger model, the HD Trailer Mover handling weights 2,500kg plus.

Our Trailer Movers can be fitted with a range of couplings and hitches, ensuring compatibility across multiple trailer suppliers. The most common towing systems include a tow ball hitch, pintle hitch or towing ring hitch.

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MUV - Trailer Mover HD Trailer Mover

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