Nu-Star electric tug service

Nu-Star electric tug service and maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Nu-Stars’ Power Pusher series and electric tug range are designed and built by skilled engineers using quality components, they’re British built and made to last! With this in mind, there should be minimal need for our service support, but these situations do arise, with the most common cause of repair being continual use for machines with a demanding uptime schedule.

Our new machines are guaranteed for a year from purchase and following this we recommend a yearly service to maintain the life of your tug machine.

By undergoing a yearly service, preventative maintenance can spot early signs of wear and tear, keep your machine running smoothly and prolong the life of your machine. As part of your service we offer a comprehensive package including;

  • A full battery check-up and electrical review
  • Drivetrain inspection and service
  • Bodywork conditional assessment
  • Attachment inspection and testing
  • Extensive operational evaluation of critical systems

We’re also on-hand with a repairs facility should your machine break-down.

Our service engineers will help you diagnose the fault and decide on the best course of action. We understand that your machine is integral to your day-to-day operations and down-time needs to be kept to a minimum, so there are a number of options.

We can arrange for a spare part to be shipped next-day if it’s a minor fault or dispatch one of our qualified regional Service Engineers to your assistance to keep your production line and operations moving.

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