Nu-Star electric tug Power Pusher distributors

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Do you want to become the face of Nu-Star for your region as an official distributor of our products? We offer a great range of electric tug solutions, including our signature Power Pusher.

By becoming a distributor you’ll help offer a reliable, affordable solution to your customers’ material handling problems.

To find out more about this great opportunity, what’s involved and the benefits, contact us:

Tel +44 (0)115 880 0070

Email: [email protected]

Nu-Star distributor locations

We operate on a global scale, come to us direct for your electric tug needs or find where to buy Power Pushers and Nu-Star tugs by looking for local distributors in your area.

Nu-Star electric tugs are sold worldwide. Select one of our locations by clicking on the relevant flag below to get the contact details of one of our helpful distributors:

Nu-Star distributor in Australasia               Nu-Star distributor in Israel and the Middle East               Nu-Star Inc America                 Nu-Star distributor in Poland          

               Nu-Star distributor in Russia                     Nu-Star distributor in Singapore                   Nu-Star distributor in Spain                                    

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