Power Pusher® electric tug

Power Pusher has been the market leading electric tug, trusted for over 60 years and manufactured in the UK by Nu-Star the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The Power Pusher can push, pull, steer and manoeuvre heavy industrial loads up to 40,000kg.

One of the key reasons why our customers invest in a Power Pusher pedestrian tug is to improve workplace safety by reducing manual handling risks of injury to employees.

In the HSE 2020 Health and safety at work summary, 19% of all reported injuries were a result of manual handling which equates to 12,000 accidents in the workplace, report here.

The Power Pusher electric tug is also beneficial for long-term employee health and wellbeing. In the same report the HSE advises there were 176,000 work-related musculoskeletal back disorders in 2019/20, citing manual handling to be one of the main causes. More health and safety information available at HSE.

Power Pusher benefits:

  • The Power Pusher enables you to move heavy loads with one pedestrian operator, saving time and resources leading to increased productivity and leaner operations in the workplace.

  • No license is required to operate a Power Pusher. Electric tugs are not lifting devices (such as forklifts), therefore they are not subject to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and are classed as pedestrian-operated equipment for moving loads.

  • Electric tugs are a cost-effective alternative to a forklift truck or other ride-on vehicles and they’re significantly smaller, taking up less space on the factory floor which can be used for production capacity.

  • Power Pushers are battery-powered tugs making them eco-friendly, emitting zero-emissions and therefore suitable for indoor use.

By introducing a Power Pusher to workplace operations you are also making a sustainable decision towards helping the UK reach its net-zero targets and reducing UK emissions by 68% by 2030.

Another bonus is that as no license is required virtually all of your workforce can be trained in the use of the Power Pusher, thereby eliminating downtime waiting for qualified staff.

Power Pushers are available to buy or hire.

If you are looking for a more powerful electric tugger to move heavy loads we offer a Super Power Pusher and Dual Motor Super Power Pusher model in the Power Pusher range.

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Power Pusher Applications

Power Pusher moving a trolley with a Steering Arm attachmentPower Pusher pushing railcar bogey at London UndergroundPower Pusher, cable drum pusher, pushing 9,000Kg cable drum at Prysmian Cables.Power Pushers pushing steel fabrications on rail-based production linePower Pusher moving Emteezy tipping skipPower Pusher moving kiln trolley in and out of AutoclavePower Pusher moving 3,500Kg excavator boom on mobile stillagePower Pusher moving 2,500Kg timber trolley in sawmillPower Pusher moving drill pipe trolley for Schlumberger Oil ServicesPower Pusher moving automotive exhaust assembly trolley

Power Pusher Specifications

400W or 550W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
Batteries 2xEM60AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
Battery Charger On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 2 x 10A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof with free-wheel hubs, 14x5.5-6
Braking Regenerative as standard
Other features Keyswitch off/on, variable throttle, Hand & Wheel Guards, Emergency Reverse, Horn, Battery gauge, main isolator fuse, Emergency Stop
Options Motion Bleeper, Strobe, Non-marking tyres, Stainless Steel, ATEX Zone 1
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