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Moving Loads on Rails Gallery

Super Power Pusher pushing 30,000Kg railway wagon for SNCF in France
Super Power Pusher pushing Bulldozer chassis at Dressta Poland
Super Power Pusher pushing 18,000Kg rolling stock
Power Pusher at London Underground
Super Power Pusher moving yacht cradles
Power Pusher pushing rail bogie
Power Pusher pushing open aircraft hangar doors
Super Power Pusher moving 55,000Kg roll handling bogie
Super Power Pusher pushing rolling stock at Moscow Metro
Power Pusher moving lead rolls on transfer car
Super Power Pusher pushing Metro cars
Power Pusher moving brick kiln car
Super Power Pusher with powered height adjustment
Short Handle version of Power Pusher to move transfer car in Galvanzing plant
MUV 4WD pushing ore car
MUV 4WD for moving metro rail bogies
Super Power Pusher at Rio Tinto
Super Power Pusher moving wire drum trolley
Power Pusher pulling slag trolley at Nyrstar Port Pirie
Power Pusher pulling rail transfer car
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