Power Pusher pushing MRI magnet on skates

Typical applications for using load skates

  • Installing or moving factory/plant machinery
  • Moving power generators
  • Pushing modular building structures
  • Moving large steel constructions
  • Pushing shipping containers
  • Manouvering air conditioning units into place

Dual Motor Super Power Pusher pushing genset on skates into test chamber

  • Power Pushers are not subject to LOLER regulations as they are not lifting devices and are therefore not subject to a statutory annual inspections
  • No driving licence is required as they are not ride-on machines
  • Operators need to be a minimum of 18 years of age

Move heavy loads on machine skates

Machine skates are often used to temporarily mobilise and move heavy loads. Machine moving skates are frequently used in plant machinery installation or machine relocation projects.

Historically machinery installation companies would use either a tirfor to pull the load into position or, simply rely on manpower to push the load into position.

Pulling a heavy load on skates into position using a tirfor is an extremely time-consuming operation that risks repetitive strain injury (RSI). Alternatively, pushing a heavy load on machine skates into place using manpower alone risks musculoskeletal injury to those exerting themselves. 

Using a Power Pusher to push heavy loads on machine moving skates is both cost-effective and significanty reduces the risk of staff injury. The base machine in the Power Pusher range creates over 4,000N of push force (20 times the HSE maximum push force guidance for a single person).

Incorporating a Power Pusher into your standard working practice also assists client acceptance when completing RAMS documentation.

All of our machines are completely self-contained with no trailing cables or air lines and can be easily transported to/from site in the back of a van.

The Power Pusher range battery capacity is suitable for all-day usage and, during extended periods of use, can be re-charged on-site from either a 110V or 220V electrical supply.

Hire a Power Pusher for plant equipment installation or machine relocation projects

Get in touch with one of our friendly sales team on +44 (0)115 880 0070 who will be able to recommend the best Power Pusher model and attachment based on your heavy load moving requirements. 

Nu-Star offer a range of flexible hire and rental options, including short-term hire and weekend rentals.

Enquire to Hire a Machine Skates Mover 

See Nu-Star Powered Pushers in use

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