New Railcar Mover Product

You asked, we delivered! After lots of enquiries from our customers in the rail industry we have designed and manufactured our first ever Railcar Mover that operates on tracks.

The challenges faced when moving rolling stock without utilising rail track, can include; lifting jacks positioned close to the rails, no suitable concrete flooring between the rails or, where the rails are elevated above an inspection pit.  

In most circumstances, to move rolling stock a significant distance, a shunter would be used but, in manufacturing and maintenance operations the challenge is to have a machine available at all times, which may be operated by any member of staff, which can precisely position the load.

Our Railcar Mover is a radio-controlled electric tug, with a sophisticated Hy-Rail guide system. It has a symmetrical weight distribution and can be utilised on any floor surface, including rails. Our machine is classed as pedestrian-operated, therefore, all staff members can be trained to use the Railcar Mover; increasing productivity, efficiency and safety in the workplace.

Nu-Star have designed and manufactured the new Railcar Mover to operate both on and off rail tracks with the flick of a switch, making the unit multi-purpose and easy-to-operate.

Benefits of the new Railcar Mover:

  • Improved safety - the Railcar Mover is operated using a radio-controlled unit from a distance up to 100m, placing the operator at a safe distance.
  • Increased workplace productivity – no down-time waiting for a shunter to move railcar units, it can be operated by one person, freeing up manpower.
  • Cost-effective solution – pedestrian-operated meaning no qualified driver resource is taken from rostering.
  • Environmentally friendly – no diesel fumes, virtually noise-free and therefore highly suited for indoor use.
  • Easy-to-use – Joystick operation with skid-steer turning when off-rails. A mode toggle switch enables you to easily change between road and rail mode.
  • Flexible – May be coupled from either end. The controller to operate speed is fully proportional and can be limited to allow fine control.
  • Powerful – the Railcar Mover can generate a tractive force up to 9000N.
  • Adaptable – the robust modular design allows for bespoke attachment compatibility, work with one of our Design Engineers to create couplings to meet your requirements.

Railcar Mover Applications

Railcar Mover on rails movin grolling stock in AmericaRailcar Mover on rails moving stock along the production line at AlstomRailcar Mover pushing railcars at MTA depot

Railcar Mover Specifications

Drive motor
2 x 1.5kW motors with a 2-stage reduction
Control motor 2 x 36V 200A programmable motor controllers
Batteries 6 x 90Ah, VRLA sealed gel, IATA approved
Battery charger 2 x Charge Master 503 on-board, IP68, multi-input voltage
Battery charge time 8 - 10 hours
Battery life
On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 2 x 10A output
Dimensions Standard gauge 1435mm, Approx. machine width 1600mm x 2800mm length x 750mm height
Weight 1,500kg*
*optional ballast available
Tractive effort Up to 9000N
Machine speed 5 kph*
*alternative gearing available
Braking Automatic regenerative braking with electro-mechanical park brake
Wheels/Tyres Solid rubber, 3-Ply, 15 or 18 x 4.5-8 size with steel Hy-Rail guide wheels
Turning radius Skid-steer on-the-spot turning radius
Frame Robust steel frame, high grade heavy duty steel
Safety features Radio remote control, strobe flashlight, motion-bleeper, signal horn & emergency shut-off on the remote and locally. When the rail mode is selected this automatically locks the drive functions enabling forward and reverse drive only.
Standard features Master key switch off/on & battery gauge
Environmental features Zero-emissions and low noise.
Maintenance features Independent serviceable control units & drive systems accessed by large swing open access covers. Easy access, removable sliding electrical tray.
Additional options Non-marking tyres, stainless steel bodywork and bespoke couplings manufactured to spec.
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