Power Trolley - Battery Powered Transfer Cart

The Power Trolley is a radio-controlled, battery-powered, transfer cart/transfer trolley that runs on rails, typically in factories, as part of the manufacturing process to transfer raw materials between different areas such as: storage, production and dispatch.

In some industrial applications, there are operational restrictions which prevent the use of a pedestrian operated tug, such as the Power Pusher and that’s where the Power Trolley comes in.

The Power Trolley can be operated at a safe distance up to 200m from the machine using a handheld controller, with the additional backup of a hard-wired controller if required.

By working with a Nu-Star Design Engineer, the core design can be scaled up or down to suit individual customer load moving applications.  Additional safety features like Monitored Safety Edges to bespoke durable, corrosion-free, load beds to meet different capacity requirements can also be incorporated.

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POWER TROLLEY Applications

Powered 'Creel' Trolley at Pirelli TyresNu-Star Powered Creel Trolleys at Pirelli TyresBespoke Power Trolley for moving heavy loads on rails

POWER TROLLEY Specifications

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