MUV 4WD - Radio-controlled electric tug

The latest addition to the Nu-Star MUV product range, the Multiple Utility Vehicle (MUV) 4WD is a radio-controlled, four wheel drive, electric tug with skid-steer.

With equal push & pull capacity in either direction & designed to have a range of attachments bolted to either end of the chassis, the machine might also be described as a 'Push-me, Pull-you' type.

The industrial radio control system has an effective range of up to 500m and consists of two joysticks & up to four additional on/off switches for accessories. Each joystick controls one of the drive motors inside the machine enabling complete 360° turning, on the spot, if necessary.

Since the operator does not have to physically hold the machine for operation, it is possible to stand away from the load and therefore have better visibility in the direction of travel. This is particularly beneficial when pushing larger loads that would otherwise restrict the operators view.

Speed is infinitely adjustable from 0 - 3.7km/h on the standard model but, can be up to 7.7km/h with alternative secondary gearing and larger diameter wheels.

A permanent safety LED strobe is fitted as standard together with a user-switchable motion bleeper to help warn others when the machine is moving a load.

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MUV 4WD Applications

MUV 4WD moving metro rail bogiesMUV 4WD at CAT PavingMUV 4WD radio-controlled Electric Tug with grab attachment pulling a wheel set in a rail deptMUV 4WD for pushing rail tankersMUV 4WD Electric Tug with Radio Control systemRadio-controlled MUV 4WD with plough attachment clearing snow

MUV 4WD Specifications

2 x 400W or 550W, 24V DC with 2 x 125A programmable motor controllers
Batteries 4xEM60AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
Battery Charger On-Board, IP68, multi-input voltage, 1 x 24V, 20A output
Wheels/Tyres Foam-Filled, Puncture-proof with free-wheel hubs, 14x5.5-6
Braking Regenerative as standard
Other features Master keyswitch off/on, infinitley variable throttles, Battery gauge, main isolator fuse, 'Sound & Light' safety package (LED Strobe & motion bleeper)
Options Non-marking tyres, Stainless Steel, ATEX Zone 1
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