Super Power Pusher ATEX conversions with Excen for Offshore Oil & Gas sector customer

We’ve worked with Excen since 2014 enabling us to offer our customers a solution for moving heavy loads safely in potentially explosive environments.

Excen, based in Italy have been operating for over 20 years and specialise in Electric and Diesel machine conversion for potentially hazardous and explosive atmospheres.

The types of industries that are often subject to these environments are: Mining, Oil and Gas (both Off-shore and On-shore), Chemical, Pharmaceutical and in some cases Manufacturing industries where there may be flammable gases present or, combustible dusts.

The process of making machines safe for these types of environments is known as ATEX. The term ATEX refers to the two European Directives that are used to control explosive atmospheres.

As part of the conversion process, the drive motor and motor controller on our Electric Tugs are enclosed in spark-proof housings to prevent the source of ignition.

Our latest conversion is for four ATEX Zone 1 Super Power Pusher electric tugs to serve the Oil and Gas industry. Each of the four machines has been painted to the Offshore O&G standard with independent NACE inspection & then certified to ATEX II 2G IIB T3 standard.

To learn more about ATEX conversions and explore the different Electric Tug ATEX conversions click here. Nu-Star Power Pusher Electric Tug has been a trusted brand for over 60 years, remember If it rolls… we can move it! ®

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