RNLI saves precious workshop hours with Nu-Star Super Power Pushers

Super Power Pusher essential to RNLI production line operations

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is the largest UK charity that saves lives at sea. The RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Centre (ILC) builds and carries out essential maintenance of lifeboats for lifeboat stations across the UK. The Nu-Star Super Power Pusher aids in this operation at the ILC in East Cowes, which looks after up to 80 boats a year.

Following thorough on-site demonstrations back in 2007, RNLI invested in two Super Power Pushers™ which have served the ILC well for the past 15 years. One to move the Atlantic Lifeboats through the production line in the workshop and one for outside use, to move the boats to the external boat scissor lift.

In the workshop the Atlantics are placed on trolleys with a specially designed coupling arrangement on each side of the trolley for flexibility of movement along the line. Once loaded the trolleys weigh around three tonnes, which the Super Power Pusher hitches up to using a steering arm attachment enabling the trolleys to be easily manoeuvred around the workshop in tight spaces. The boats need to be frequently moved through the production line from cell to cell, so it’s essential that they are moved swiftly and safely. Prior to the electric movers, a diesel-powered tractor was used to move the trolleys which was a timely operation and unkind to the environment.

RNLI have recently approached Nu-Star to replace the machine that is frequently used outdoors as it has been exposed to a lot of salt water damage over its lifetime causing corrosion. The team are happy that the indoor unit is still going strong with minimal signs of wear and tear.

When asked to review the Nu-Star Super Power Pusher, Glyn Ellis MBE, ILC Operations Manager for the RNLI said: “We build and refit a number of Atlantic 85s each year, and using Continuous improvement and lean, we move the boats from their line positions every 71 hours currently. The electric tug moves the trolleys in just minutes, with just one person. The Super Power Pusher makes the task very efficient and we rely on them to keep our workshop operation running smoothly.”

Matt Smith, Nu-Star expressed: “We’re pleased that our Super Power Pushers are able to aid the RNLI in their essential lifeboat maintenance programme to save them precious time in operations that can be spent elsewhere. As a charity we are even more happy that we can provide a robust electric tug that is built to last and stands the test of time providing our customers with value for money for their machinery investment.”

Contact us to find out how we can help make your operations more efficient and for expert advice on material handling solutions. Find out more about the Super Power Pusher Electric Tug. The Nu-Star Power Pusher Electric Tug has been a trusted brand for over 60 years, remember If it rolls… we can move it! ®

Find out more here about the RNLI Inshore Lifeboat Centre (ILC). 

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