Railcar Mover now on track

Nu-Star is on track to launch its new railcar moving product, the electric powered rail tug is radio-controlled, easy to operate and can navigate on and off tracks making it super versatile.

Here a Nu-Star we constantly innovate and bring new products to market to solve your industrial load-moving problems. We’ve been approached by a number of our customers in the rail industry, asking for a machine with the ability to run on rails to move and shunt their rolling stock.

             Railcar Mover moving a NYC Subway Carriage             Railcar Mover pushing rail units along the production line at Alstom

Nu-Star MD, Matt Smith, explained; “Our existing Power Pusher range has been used for over 30 years in the rail sector, by both manufacturers, operators and maintenance companies, to push and pull railcars and bogies where there is unrestricted access either between the rails or, offset to one side of the rails.

However, there are many railway applications where this is not feasible. There may be lifting jacks in place close to the rails, no suitable concrete flooring between the rails or, where the rails are elevated above an inspection pit. In such instances, it is only possible to utilise a machine that is capable of driving on the rails.

To move rolling stock a significant distance, a shunter would be used but, in manufacturing and maintenance operations the challenge is to have a machine available at all times, which may be operated by any member of staff, which can precisely position the load.

We took customer feedback on board and set to creating a solution to move loads on rails.”

As a result, Nu-Star have designed and manufactured the new Railcar Mover to operate both on and off rail tracks with the flick of a switch, making the unit multi-purpose and easy-to-operate.

Benefits of the new Railcar Mover:

  • Improved safety - the Railcar Mover is operated using a radio-controlled unit from a distance up to 100m, placing the operator at a safe distance.
  • Increased workplace productivity – no down-time waiting for a shunter to move railcar units, it can be operated by one person, freeing up manpower.
  • Cost-effective solution – pedestrian-operated meaning no qualified driver resource is taken from rostering.
  • Environmentally friendly – no diesel fumes, virtually noise-free and therefore highly suited for indoor use.
  • Easy-to-use – Joystick operation with skid-steer turning when off-rails.
  • Flexible – May be coupled from either end.
  • Powerful – the Railcar Mover can generate a tractive force up to 9000N.
  • Adaptable – work with a Nu-Star Engineer to create bespoke attachments and couplings to suit your requirements.

The Railcar Mover is set to revolutionise the way depots operate and create opportunities for further development.

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