Power Pusher takes the hard work out of moving heavy loads for Haley Engineering

Power Pusher facilitates improved Health and Safety and increased productivity at the Somerset base

William Haley Engineering, part of The Haley Group, based in Somerset are one of the leading steelwork fabricators in the UK.  William Haley Engineering specialise in the construction industry and have been involved in many high profile projects which have resulted in them supplying steel frame structures for buildings all over the world.

William Haley Engineering is renowned for its strong safety culture in the workplace and has annual safety improvement objectives to achieve. This is where Nu-Star’s electric tug solutions aided Haley Engineering reach its safety targets.

Haley Engineering first contacted Nu-Star back in July 2014 with the aim of improving safety in the workplace by reducing the amount of manual handling. The production line at Haley Engineering utilises a rail system structure with transfer cars to move steel structures weighing up to 20 tonnes through the factory. Pushing the transfer cars by hand could be very strenuous on employees’ backs and a risk to safety.

The Nu-Star Power Pusher with a push pad attachment was perfect for the application, Haley Engineering swiftly ordered the electric tow tug after seeing what the Power Pusher could do at the demonstration, pushing heavy loads was effortless.

Kevin Watson, part of William Haley Engineering team, said, “Introducing the Power Pusher has quite literally took the strain out of moving the heavy steelwork for us here on our production line. We’ve improved our health and safety by reducing the number of workplace injuries from manual handling.  We’re also doing our bit for the environment as the electric tug emits no exhaust fumes and it’s perfect for indoor use.”

The Power Pusher proved its credibility; as a reliable, cost effective solution and a robust asset to the assembly line. Subsequently, William Haley Engineering contacted us in September 2018 to invest in a second Power Pusher tug. This tug would run alongside the first Power Pusher to help improve efficiency and productivity in the factory, with a machine operating at either end of the production line, reducing down time in between moving one machine throughout the factory.

Matt Smith, Managing Director at Nu-Star explained “We pride ourselves in designing and building reliable solutions, which in turn make our customers come back to us, time and time again. William Haley Engineering are a valued customer and we’re happy that our Power Pusher helped them meet their HS&E and production targets.”

Find out how Nu-Star can help improve your workplace operations and view our wide range of Nu-Star electric tugs here.

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