Polski Tabor Szynowy - Wagon invest in Super Power Pusher to streamline operations

Super Power Pusher frees up staff to improve efficiency

Polski Tabor Szynowy - Wagon based in Ostrów Wielkopolski, manufactures, modernises and repairs railway freight wagons. The work takes place in a pipeline system, with several parallel lines, each 200 meters long.

The Nu-Star Super Power Pusher with push pad attachment is used to push rail cars along the production line at PTS, each wagon weighing around 20 – 25 tonnes. During one shift, it is necessary to move several dozen wagons between subsequent stations. The entire operation must be carried out reliably and efficiently in the shortest possible time.

Mr. Paweł Kuc, Investment Advisor to the President, contacted Nu-Star after using a Nu-Star Super Power Pusher in a previous position in another company and seeing how effective they were in transporting heavy loads with only one person.

Mr Paweł Kuc, comments “Before we purchased the Nu-Star Super Power Pusher it used to take a number of staff to move the rail wagons through the production line. We can now move wagons with a single pedestrian operator in a fraction of the time. Thanks to this, we have shortened downtime in production which enabled us to re-direct staff involved in transport into other areas of our operation.  The overall process now runs much smoother and we have benefitted from production efficiencies”

Contact us for expert advice on heavy load moving solutions. Find out more about the Super Power Pusher Electric Tug. The Nu-Star Power Pusher Electric Tug has been a trusted brand for over 60 years, remember If it rolls… we can move it! ®

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