Nu-Star Super Power Pusher utilised for specialist tasks at Vesuvius Poland

The Nu-Star Super Power Pusher electric tug improves workplace safety and increases productivity at the high-aluminum molding plant in Skawina.

Vesuvius Poland Sp. z o.o. in Skawina belongs to the international group - Vesuvius Group, which is a world leader in the design, production and sale of specialized refractory ceramic products and control systems for demanding industrial applications.

The Vesuvius Group is known for its high safety culture in the workplace. Constantly ensuring the highest safety standards, the Company's management decided to invest in the Super Power Pusher electric pusher, in return improving the efficiency and safety of operating production lines.

The production line at Vesuvius Poland uses a rail transport system with transfer carts and broaching machines. The trolley laden with bricks weighs 25 tons. However, in some places these are pushed with forklifts, and in several docking stations the transfer cart requires brakes so that it does not hit the wall.

In response to the unique working conditions at the high-aluminum molding plant in Skawina and specific risks, the Nu-Star Poland tug distributor has proposed the Nu-Star Super Power Pusher electric tug with a specially designed bespoke handle for transfer trucks.

Artur Zięba, Group Leader AR, admitted “The introduction of Super Power Pusher has significantly contributed to the improvement of activities related to the pushing of transfer carts. In addition, thanks to the installed attachment, it ensures the transfer trolleys do not hit the wall when parking.

We have improved the working conditions and health and safety for our operators in this area of ​​our business. We’re also happy that we are doing a little good for the environment, because the electric tug emits no fumes and is ideal for indoor use.

The Super Power Pusher has proven its credibility; as a reliable, cost-effective solution and a solid asset for the high-aluminum fittings production line.”

Bartosz Sowiński, Director of Nu-Star Poland explained “We are proud of designing and building reliable solutions thanks to which our clients benefit from safety and efficiency at work, which results in a reduction of operating costs. We are pleased that our Super Power Pusher has helped Vesuvius Poland achieve OHS and production goals.”

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