Nu-Star launch Dual Motor Super Power Pusher

In response to strong demand from both the Railway & Cable sectors and after 15 months of development, Nu-Star Material Handling have broadened their range of industrial load movers with the launch of the new Dual-Motor Super Power Pusher.

Powered by two x 1.5Kw DC electric motors (both with integrated gearboxes and differentials), two x 200Amp motor controllers & three x 90AHr military-grade Gel batteries, the machines are built around a custom 10mm steel chassis in order to cope with the high levels of starting torque created.

In standard form, the machine generates up to 14,400N of Pushing force.

In High Torque form, there is up to 16,600N of Pushing Force available to the operator.

(As a comparison, the MY2013 diesel powered V8 Range Rover creates 700N)

Nu-Star's Technical Director, Steve Mather, explained:

"Over the last 3 years we have received an increasing number of enquiries from both existing and new customers seeking to push bigger and heavier loads. As manufacturers seek out ever more economies of scale, their products and projects seem to be getting bigger every year. We found that the requirements were exceeding the capabilities of our standard Super Power Pusher and so we set out to see if we could provide a similar sized machine but with more power.

It was technically challenging to fit all the components into the space available but, the biggest challenge was to find a DC motor controller that could provide the current required. Eventually we worked with our supplier to increase the power and to 'Duplex' two of the motor controllers so that each drive motor responds simultaneously - something never done before apparently.

In the testing phase, we had to significantly strengthen our test-jig (which we use to record the performance of the machines) as, on the first attempt to measure the push force, it ripped the jig clean out of its concrete foundations.

The product has been extremely successful from the day we launched it and is now in daily use in industries such as Mining, Rail manufacturing, Rail servicing & Cable manufacturing."

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