MUV product range expanded with new Trailer Mover module

A pedestrian operated solution for moving trailers

Following quickly on the from the successful launch of the new MUV product range, Nu-Star is delighted to announce the launch of their latest Trailer Mover module.

Specifically designed to enable a single pedesterian operator to move trailers in the 1,000Kgs - 2,000Kgs weight range, the MUV-Trailer Mover is fitted with a quick-change 50mm Ball Hitch or, Towing Eye/Pin attachment.

Nu-Star's Matt Smith explained; "We are often asked if it is possible to simply fit a Ball Hitch to one of our Power Pushers so the user can move trailers around in manufacturing operations, storage yards and in specific applications where it is not possible to use a vehicle or, a forklift truck. The Power Pusher is not the correct machine for this application because the connection point needs to be directly above the drive-axle and therefore requires at least three wheels to be in contact with the ground at any one time for stability.

One of the primary design criteria for our new MUV range of electric tugs was to offer a module that enabled small industrial trailers to be quickly hitched up and moved around. We have designed the MUV in such a way that, within 5 minutes, it can be either an electric wheelbarrow or, by simply swapping the tub over, it can be an electric trailer mover."

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