Let us introduce the Rail Transfer Cart, the new addition to the Power Trolley family

Our customer from the Nuclear Industry approached us to help provide a solution to safely move nuclear waste from one building to another. An aperture was created between the two buildings and a narrow gauge rail installed to efficiently and safely move nuclear waste materials.

They considered multiple options to tackle their load moving problem initially, including installing an overhead crane. While searching for answers they came across Nu-Star online and approached us with their requirements. We were more than happy to help and had provided a similar Rail Transfer Trolley solution on a smaller scale for a Manufacturing company in recent years that we were able to share details with them. They were delighted and decided to work together with us to develop their bespoke solution as it was also a considerably cheaper and less complex option than to install an overhead crane.

The Rail Transfer Cart operates on rails to safely move a nuclear load between adjoining buildings on a purpose-built rails

By working with one of Nu-Star expert Design Engineers, the Rail Transfer Vehicle has been designed in conjunction with the customers specifications governing functionality and safety, including:

  • Wireless operation via handheld controller – this enables the user to maintain a safe distance from machine when in operation
  • Charge inhibit function – you cannot move the machine when the batteries are being charged
  • Monitored safety edges – the Rail Transfer Trolley stops moving if anything triggers the safety edge such as an obstruction or a pedestrian
  • Sound and Light safety feature – amber LED strobe lights are situated in each corner of the machine with a movement alarm which flash and sound when the machine is in operation
  • Emergency stop buttons – featured on the machine and the handheld controller
  • Two speed modes – a normal mode and creep speed mode for particularly delicate cargo
  • Time-out feature – this un-pairs the handheld controller from the machine to avoid accidental operation of the machine

Christopher-Farnell Smith, Nu-Star Design Engineer, stated; ‘We are happy that we were able to develop a solution that exceeded our customers’ particular safety concerns as well as meeting the core requirement of efficiently moving their nuclear load between neighbouring buildings.’

Visit nu-starmhl.com to learn more about how we can help your business by developing Custom Tugs and Bespoke attachments. Get in touch and let us know your load moving requirements here.

Nu-Star Power Pusher Electric Tug has been a trusted brand for over 60 years, remember If it rolls… we can move it! ®

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