India Buildings £38m Liverpool development project powered by Nu-Star Electric Wheelbarrow

Powered tip and drive electric wheelbarrows transform site operations in Liverpool

J.B.V demolition are one of the UKs leading demolition companies working on high profile projects through-out the country. J.B.V were recently awarded the prestigious India Buildings contract strip-out.

The India Building is an early 1900 Grade II listed building in the heart of Liverpool. The nine storey commercial building commands an entire block and is mainly used today as offices. Following the re-development work the India Building will be home to HMRC’s new “Supercentre” and house 3,500 staff.

The India Building refurbishment, required J.B.Vs experienced skills to internally strip-out the building, whilst taking great care of the historic building during the renovation work.

The sheer size of the building resulted in large quantities of debris needing to be transported long distances and then tipped into the waste chutes. The nature of a Grade II listing requires the windows to remain in place, meaning there was insufficient ventilation to use machinery with petrol or diesel engines as the exhaust fumes and noise would have been a health and safety risk.

J.B.V had started the project using a large number of traditional manual wheelbarrows before they heard about the Nu-Star MUV Electric Wheelbarrow – capable of hauling 350Kg for up to 8km on a single charge.

Rob Munro, JBV Project Manager and Demolition Engineer, states ‘Introducing Nu-Star’s Electric Wheelbarrow has transformed our on-site operations. We’ve been able to utilise our workforce more effectively, removing the debris could normally require a four man “traditional” wheelbarrow squad, but using two Electric Wheelbarrows controlled by two operatives not only reduced labour by 50%, but increased the payload by around 30/40% when transporting masonry/concrete debris at the same time. Furthermore there was no fatigue on the operatives because they don’t have to push the barrow (especially when going up a ramp!) and they also don’t need to take any load though their body, particularly their shoulders and arms.

Not only therefore has the powered drive helped save time and effort, but the powered tip functionality has been a god-send in regards to on-site health and safety. I’ve got a very happy workforce! Durability has always been an issue with electric wheelbarrows from past experience, but the Nu-Star version is durable (no issues with them whatsoever) and they are also very simple for the operatives to use.’

Matt Smith, Nu-Star MD, ‘Our MUV Electric Wheelbarrow is an ideal solution for the construction industry, with no exhaust fumes or handlebar vibrations our powered barrow is suitable for internal construction projects. With the rise in city centre redevelopment projects and the growing trend of residential basement development, we frequently sell and hire electric-powered wheelbarrows into this sector.’

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