Godwin Pumps improve shop-floor safety & productivity with Nu-Star Super Pusher

Godwin Pumps Ltd. (a Cotswolds based manufacturer of industrial pumps for use in construction, industry, oil refineries, chemical plants, mines, heating and ventilating, irrigation, and water distribution & part of the Xylem Corporation) recently took delivery of a Nu-Star Super Pusher for moving their large HL130 – HL250 Dri-Prime pump units around the manufacturing and testing facilities.

The pumps are mounted on skid-bases as they are built up in the factory and the finished product can weigh up to 5800 Kgs and measure up to 4.2m x 2.1m.

Kevin Waldron (Godwin's assembly shop supervisor) explained, “We have to move the pumps between several different shop-floor locations during the manufacturing process and this was taking up to 8 people on the biggest pumps. Not only was this unproductive, but it also represented a Health & Safety risk to our staff. By using the Super Power Pusher with it's Steering Arm, one person is now able safely push, pull and manoeuvre the pump all round the factory and also into the test area and paint facility.”

Nu-Star manufacture a range of electric tugs all specifically designed to eliminate the manual effort traditionally associated with the movement of heavy wheeled loads.

Measuring just 1.4m long and 760mm wide, the Super Pusher is constructed around a 10mm chassis, 1.5Kw electric motor, maintenance-free gel batteries & a multi-voltage on-board battery charger. It's pedestrian operation means there is no requirement for operators to have a driving licence and minimal running costs make the Super Pusher significantly cheaper than the costs associated with a forklift or other ride-on product.

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