Electric Tug mover helps keep the production line on track at Wagony Świdnica

Wagony Świdnica, owned by the Greenbrier Europe group has a long-standing history in engineering and manufacturing freight railcars and wagon structures since the 1920s. Greenbrier Europe is a global operation, distributing products around the world from Europe to the Middle East.

Nu-Star’s Polish distributor was approached by the Investment Specialist, Jerzy Moskal at Wagony Świdnica in his search to find a more efficient and cost-effective solution to move railcars through the manufacturing process.

The Świdnica plant utilises a rail dolly system to move railcars through the production line. The incumbent operation consisted of heavy manual handling, requiring a number of the workforce to move the wagons by hand, which could be dangerous with a risk to Health and Safety of the workforce.

Bartosz Sowiński, Nu-Star’s Polish distributor explained, “Nu-Star Electric Tugs are utilised in a number of industries Worldwide in production lines as a cost-effective and safe solution to moving industrial loads. The real challenge presented by Świdnica was the curved track to move the wagons from the paint shop to the next stage of assembly. This was notoriously the difficult part of the production line to manoeuvre the railcar, involving multiple staff and equipment to do so. However, Nu-Stars Electric tug mover overcome the increased rolling resistance of the curves with ease and pushing the 35,000kg wagons was no problem at all for the Super Power Pusher.”

The Super Power Pusher generates up to 9,000N of push force and can tackle loads with a high rolling resistance. A range of tug attachments are available to suit application requirements, in Świdnica’s application an adjustable height push pad is an ideal attachment to push the railcars through the factory environment safely.

Daniel Taradaj, Maintenance Manager, at Wagony Świdnica was delighted with the capabilities of the tug mover and positive impact on operations; “In the past, moving wagons after leaving the paint shop was difficult and required a lot of effort; staff, equipment and time. The Super Power Pusher easily solved this long-standing problem. Thanks to Nu-Star and their Super Power Pusher we have transformed factory operations, improving workplace safety and increasing efficiency as we no longer need to take employees away from core work in order to move wagons, this operation is now operated by a single employee and the electric tug mover." As a result Greenbrier Europe now have four Super Power Pushers operating at Wagony Świdnica.

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