Deva Hawarden use Nu-Star Reel Pushers

Deva Hawarden Board and Display (a specialist paper & board converter and laminator to the packaging & display industry) have recently taken delivery of their second Nu-Star Power Pusher at their manufacturing facility in Hawarden, Flintshire. 

This second Power Pusher has been supplied on a 5 year hire contract as part of the Deva Hawarden expansion program. 

The Power Pushers are used to push 1 ½ tonne paper rolls onto the three sheeting machines and one laminator at its Flintshire site. 

Paul Shepard (Deva Hawarden’s Production Manager) commented:

“The first Nu-Star machine has operated problem-free for over 18 months and has been both a Health & Safety and Productivity benefit in the plant. It has also proven popular with the staff, so we had no hesitation in choosing to Contract Hire another Power Pusher to service our recently acquired third sheeter”.

Nu-Star is a specialist manufacturer of pedestrian operated, electric tug units used to push, pull & generally manoeuvre wheeled & rolling loads across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Their range of pedestrian tugs are all simple to operate, require no operator licence to use, are cost effective and easy to maintain. They offer the following key benefits to customers:

 - Increase productivity by mechanising previously manually-performed tasks

 - Replace larger and more expensive equipment and therefore free-up floor space

 - Reduce the risk of employee injury as a result of over-exertion

In addition to a standard product range, Nu-Star also offer a bespoke design & build service after a free on-site consultation.

Customers & Distributors in the EU, Australasia & the Middle East are supplied from the factory in Derbyshire, whilst customers in N. America, S. America & Canada are supplied from the factory in Minneapolis, USA.

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