Compact Nu-Star electric pusher makes a big impact at Dressta Heavy Machinery

Nu-Star Super Power Pusher facilitates LiuGong Dressta Machinery hit their business targets by optimizing efficiency and production line costs.

Liugong Dressta Machinery is a global manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, known for creating durable, powerful machines for the toughest applications - from wheel loaders, crawler dozers, tracked excavators for pipelines for transporting gas and crude oil. The machines manufactured at Stalowa Wola in Poland are distributed to the markets of Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and Africa, North America and Latin America, while ensuring unrivaled technical services and knowledge of all machines is maintained.

At the Stalowa Wola factory, 18 technological trolleys are used to move machines through the manufacturing line. Manual labour was used to push the trolleys along the production line and with the increase in demand, operations became more and more labour intensive and cumbersome for the employees, which in turn prompted Dressta to look for alternative solutions to relieve this pressure.

The solution Dressta implemented was investing in a Nu-Star Super Power Pusher. The Super Power Pusher generates up to 9,000 N pushing force and is able to withstand loads with a high rolling resistance, providing high torque to get the heavy machinery moving. A bespoke angle bracket attachment with an adjustable height was designed and built for Dressta’s specific application.

Ryszard Łokaj, Head of the Tooling Department at Dressta, said “In the past, pushing technological trolleys to the next production nest required a lot of effort; staff, equipment and time. We looked into alternative solutions, one option was to purchase and assemble electric motors for each of the 18 trolleys. Thanks to Nu-Star, we found the answer to our problems with their Super Power Pusher. Since we invested in the electric pusher we have transformed factory operations, improving workplace safety and increasing productivity, because we no longer have to distract employees from their basic work in order to push through technological trolleys. This operation is now supported by one worker and an electric tug. What's more, the one device turned out to be several times cheaper than 18 electric motors!”

“Nu-Star electric tugs are used in many industries around the world on production lines as a cost-effective and safe solution for moving industrial loads. LiuGong Dressta Machinery faced several challenges; increased employee safety and efficiency on the production line, taking into account the optimization of the cost of the solution. The Super Power Pusher, Nu-Star electric pusher overcome these challenges, whilst taking on moving the heavy duty machinery, pushing 55kg technological trolley loads through the production line on rails.” explains Bartosz Sowiński, Nu-Star’s Polish distributor.

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