Dual Motor Super Power Pusher pushing genset on skates into test chamber

Power Pusher pushing MRI magnet on skates

Moving heavy loads on Industrial Machine Skates

Machinery skates, load moving skates & transport dollies are typically used as a temporary method of making a large heavy object mobile for a specific purpose. They are regularly used by plant and machinery installation & manufacturing  companies for the purpose of installing & moving heavy plant and equipment such as Gensets, HVAC units, modular buildings, shipping containers etc.

Once the load has been raised (usually by a hydraulic jack) or, lifted on to the skates by crane, the load can be safely, quickly and easily moved into position with one of our powered pushers, avoiding the high labour costs & manual handling risks of trying to move it manually and the time involved if using a hand winch or turfer.

Nu-Star have a fleet of short term and 'weekend hire' pushers which are always available for machinery installation projects. The pushers may be shipped to site by overnight carrier or, collected ex-works. A forklift truck licence is NOT required to operate the machines & a simple push pad or angle bracket attachment handle over 90% of such loads.

See Nu-Star Powered Pushers in use

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