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Moving Loads with Swivel Castors Gallery

PowerTug at Dermal Laboratories
PowerTug moving 3,500Kg mixing vessel at Teva Pharmaceuticals
PowerTug at Cooper Tires
Stainless steel PowerTug for 1000Kg Pharmaceutical mixing vessel
Stainless Steel PowerTug connecting to 2,000Kg Pharmaceutical mixing vessel
PowerTug at Andrew Muirhed
Stainless steel PowerTug for pharmaceutical equipment at Wyeth
Stainless Steel PowerTug moving Pharma mixing vessel in clean room
PowerTug at BOC moving 2,000Kg liquid helium vessel
Stainless steel PowerTug for moving 2000Kg Pharmaceutical vessel
Stainless steel PowerTug in Pharmaceutical manufacturing process
PowerTug moving 2,000Kg leather hides on 'A' frame trolley
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